Why we are different

Reasons to choose us over other available alternatives

At first glance many mini cement plants suppliers may look similar. However, it is important to know the type of provider you’d like to work with before making any decision. Here is why the experience of SIME Ingenieros makes the difference.

1. Comprehensive engineering

SIME Ingenieros’ solid infrastructure allows us to provide comprehensive support in all areas of engineering: mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics and automation. This represents great benefits for our customers:

  • Challenges can better be met as we have professionals among our staff in each engineering area.
  • Shorter project implementation period as we have all necessary elements for completion and do not depend on third parties who may get delayed.
  • Full responsibility. As we are responsible for all processes involved in the project, we are committed to results. Our customers have a single interlocutor who is responsible for everything.

2. More efficient kilns

The technology used in our mini-cement plants is result of many years of research and development. To know what works best and make it serve our customers so that our plants are a viable and profitable business.

Our cement production plants work with rotary kilns and preheater towers with or without calciners, which represent major benefits over outdated vertical kilns (see FAQ):

  • Improved clinker quality avoids product reprocessing and allows access to major infrastructure projects.
  • They are a better business. Our plants can be fully automated optimizing costs. They can use alternative fuels as additional source of income and facilitate the approval of environmental licenses.
  • Reduced environmental impact, allowing the use of alternative fuels, complying with international requirements and obtaining a speedy granting of operating licenses.

3. Extensive experience in the cement industry

In SIME Ingenieros we unite more than 15 years of experience in the cement industry. Through these years we have gathered valuable experiences in design, production and marketing of cement.

  • We have designed cement manufacturing plants, with all technical knowledge and support needed in each area of engineering.
  • We have built cement plants with different characteristics and production capacities.
  • We manufactured and marketed cement. Until 2005 we had our own cement plant, gathering and putting into practice all industry knowledge.

This allows us to be much better equipped and trained in all points of the production and trading chain, in order to assist our clients in their projects.

4. We honor our word

Our experience and valuable customer testimonials are a powerful prove of our responsibility and commitment in everything we do. If we say it, we do it.

We value and guarantee the fulfillment of existing commitments. We are true to our word and honor it above everything else, from commercial conditions to delivery times.

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