Typical clients

Entrepreneurs and industrialists benefit the most.

The acquisition of a mini cement plant brings big benefits to entrepreneurs and industrialists. Learn how having your own mini-cement plant can generate a competitive advantage.


It can be an alternative to expand your portfolio and allows you to enter the cement industry with an affordable investment.

Ready Mix companies

These are companies that usually consume more than 2,000 tons per month of cement and wish to have more control over its costs and supply.

Benefits of having a mini cement plant for a Ready Mix company:

  • Increased stability in cement supply
  • Lower cement costs as main raw material
  • Greater profitability by integrating with the manufacture of cement


Industrialists who already have an industry related to mineral processing or the metallurgical industry can benefit.

Mineral Processing: Companies manufacturing bricks, tiles, cement pipes, stoneware pipes and plaster products.

Metalworking industry: Industries that manufacture products for construction. Cement can be a complementary product to market.

Benefits of having a mini cement plant for an industrialist:

  • Complement their production line with a product such as cement
  • Ability to increase revenue by trading a different product
  • Opportunity to increase sales to existing customers

Cement production companies

Cement manufacturing companies interested in increasing their production at low cost.

Benefits of having a mini cement plant for a cement manufacturing company:

  • Flexibility to produce cement in smaller scales
  • Possibility of having a mini cement plant as a test lab
  • No need to large investments or resort to external debt

Other type of entrepreneurs or industrials

Having a mini cement plant brings great benefits to various economic and industrial sectors.

Mining: Business related to mining, who want to complement their business with the manufacture of cement.

Hardware dealers: Companies that sell hardware products and building materials already have market channels and therefore are interested in complementing their offer to customers.

Government bodies: International entities involved in sustainable social development projects and are interested in creating housing solutions for poor people in developing countries.