What should be done before start implementing a mini cement plant?

Please consider solving the following issues before installing a cement plant:

  • A feasibility study to determine the plant size and its location.
  • Determine the type of cement you want or can produce and the raw materials available in the region (pozzolan, blast furnace slag, fly ash, limestone, high-grade limestone, etc.) If it is necessary to import some raw materials, take it into account in the feasibility study.
  • Secure limestone reserves for at least 30 years, either you own a mine or local exploitation is available. Preferably the limestone mine should not be located more than 200 km away from the plant.
  • Verify that the raw materials have the required physical and chemical characteristics to produce cement.
  • Obtain the required environmental licenses, for which you will most likely require an environmental impact study. Review the requirements of your country.
  • When defining the location of the plant it is preferable that high voltage power grids are available close by. Also, in case you want to use natural gas, the central line should be nearby.
  • Contact the electric power company to ensure that capacity is still available for the new plant.
  • Define the type of fuel to be used such as coal, natural gas, fuel oil, etc. Generally coal is the cheapest fuel if you do not have to import it.
  • Contact the fuel supplier company to ensure that capacity is still available for the new plant.
  • Secure project financing.
  • We recommend that the above points are solved with help of an experienced professional in the cement field.